Well, I finally got around to uploading my final three runs of 2013. They were the ones that helped me sneak over the 1000 mile mark for the year - the first time I’ve hit that figure in a calendar year.

This isn’t bad, when you consider that I was injured and or in recovery mode in Jan, Feb, March, April, June, October, November and December. 

Jan - April I was injured with a compartment syndrome issue in my right calf, in June I developed shin splints trying to run too much, too soon, and then in October - December I had a frayed labrum and edema in my hip joint. Oy.

So there were only 4 months in which I was firing on all cylinders.

As I’ve also mentioned, I didn’t get the chance to run a single race in 2013. The ‘half marathon’ was just a training run. Oh and I ran my fastest mile ever mid-way through ‘the ladder’ training.

So that’s three records for the year.

1) The most miles I’ve ever run in a year
2) The most months I’ve been injured in a year
3) The first year (since starting running) I didn’t run a single race

So, the year started frustrating, then was promising, then frustrating, then promising, then enjoyable, then crushing.

That’s my review of 2013.

  1. stuckinrunningmode said: Thank goodness your personal life didn’t go the same way.
  2. mrcarlosbc said: That’s a rough year. Hopefully 2014 is more promising for you.
  3. seechrisrun said: Here’s to keeping it together in 2014.
  4. runningwithguts said: Solid recap, sir.
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